The “Old Model” Is Dead – The Future Is In YOU and Your Home Recording Studio

In this episode, Brian and Chris discuss how the audio industry has undergone a MASSIVE change, and how this has opened up some great opportunities for you. They also shed some light on how educational resources, like podcasts, have been crucial to their success, and why going to audio school might not be the best investment.

Episode Transcript
Episode Transcript

Chris Graham Introduction

Chris talks about how he came up in his career and the struggles that he had to overcome while living off of only 18K a year.

“Being number one in your audio class means nothing if you don’t know how to get customers.”

Is Audio School Worth It?

Brian explains why he is “anti-college” when it comes to audio and the benefits of investing your money in yourself, instead of college. They also talk about how audio schools are unable to keep up with how fast the scene is changing around us.

What Home Studios Lack In Knowledge Today

Chris talks about the common mistakes that home studios are making that is ultimately holding them back when it comes to customer acquisition. He also gives us advice on how to give your clients more than they’ve bargained for and the benefits of doing this.

“The reason most people are unsuccessful is because they aren’t aiming at success… they’re aiming at validation.”

Business Models: Brian vs. Chris

In this section Brian discusses his less quantity – higher cost per project model. Where as Chris talks about his more quantity – lower cost per project business model. You will also learn the concept behind the Fundamental Attribution Error which is talked about in the book, Made To Stick by Chip Heath.

Learning The Hard Way

Brian and Chris stress the importance of being a self educator and how learning from other people's mistakes will pave a much simpler way for yourself.

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