18 Quick Tips For Running (And Growing) A Successful Studio

If you’re a regular listener, you’re well aware that The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast is an advice buffet. This week, Chris and Brian take it to the next level and offer a plethora of quick tips to help you in your studio.

Which ones will apply best to you? Find out by listening now!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why you need to have a great system for follow-ups
  • How checking in with leads you lost a project to can result in more business for you
  • How a CRM could save your career
  • How standardizing your revision process can save time and relationships
  • Why you need to properly set expectations
  • How you can process your aggression without burning bridges
  • What not sticking to your word does to your reputation
  • How discounts can be dangerous
  • Why long hours are detrimental to you
  • How email templates can give you back most of the time you spend on emails

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“I think real maturity is figuring out to navigate the expectations-in-advance thing.” – Chris Graham

“If you’re working with a label, expect that money six months from now, and if you get it any sooner you’re looking good.” – Brian Hood

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