Winning The Sustainability Wars: Three Crucial Ingredients For A Sustainable, Long-Term Career

We’ve all seen musicians or athletes who seemed to have “all the right stuff”.

They had raw talent, industry connections, mentorship, and the “perfect” personality or body type… but they burned out or gave up before ever reaching their full potential.

We’ve also seen the musicians and athletes who, on the surface, seemed like nothing special.

They weren’t especially gifted in any way. They had no industry connections. You could pass them on the street without ever noticing them…

Despite all that, they went on to have wildly successful careers.

What separates those who “make it” from those who don’t?

What separates those who squander their potential from those who make it work despite their slim odds?

It’s all about sustainability.

Without sustainability, no amount of talent, skills, connections, or physical gifts will matter.

There’s a reason the term “10- year overnight success” exists.

Whether it takes you 1 year or 10 years to become successful in audio, one thing matters above all else: If you give up, burn out, or go broke before you have a chance to succeed, you’ll never make it.

You have to set yourself up for a sustainable career.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How walk-away power can make your life 100X better
  • What cutting expenses, both personal and business, will do for your life
  • Why you need an emergency fund so you can reject bad clients before the project begins
  • Why you might need to sacrifice in the short term to make gains in the long term
  • What Star Wars has to do with your creativity as an entrepreneur
  • Turning your weaknesses into your strengths with creative thinking
  • What extremism does to hurt your business and how you can avoid it
  • Why education (or lack thereof) can hurt your business if you take it to the extreme

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“I think it’s better to be memorable than it is to be good.” – Chris Graham

“If you can just find a way to harness that and find your own sound within that, you will have a lot more success than trying to make yourself sound like some watered-down version of another producer.” – Brian Hood


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