Why Spotify’s Purchase of SoundBetter Could Be The Best (Or Worst) Thing To Ever Happen To The Recording Industry

In a huge announcement last week, Spotify confirmed they purchased SoundBetter.com for an undisclosed amount. 

What does this mean for audio engineers across the globe?

Is SoundBetter worth joining as an audio professional? Is there a boatload of money to be made, or should we stay away?

Find out the potential pros and cons of this acquisition and how it could affect your career by listening to this episode today!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How SoundBetter can positively affect your business
  • Why relying on SoundBetter as your sole source of income is an awful idea
  • How SoundBetter can negatively affect your search results and flow of leads
  • What opportunities SoundBetter’s acquisition could provide for audio engineers
  • How SoundBetter might change now that Spotify owns them
  • How this is a massive opportunity for Spotify to use their data to market SoundBetter to artists
  • Why this could result in engineers being properly credited on Spotify releases they worked on
  • How many of your projects you should be getting from SoundBetter before you start to worry about becoming reliant on a third party
  • Why the “weekend warrior” engineer might be a good candidate for SoundBetter

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“If you know how appealing you are to somebody who’s never heard of you, never listened to any of your music, and if they decide to finish the song after ten seconds instead of hitting skip, this sort of information would get really interesting and it would start to change how us, as people on the music creation side of things, would structure that first ten seconds.” – Chris Graham

“I think this Spotify acquisition is going to be, kind of, the turning point.” – Brian Hood

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