How You Can Make Marketing 10x Easier By Using “The Motown Model” (Another Blue Ocean Niche)

Online mixing is a red ocean. Thousands of studio owners are now trying to compete for the same pool of clients online, and only the strongest survive. 

By creating a business that operates in a blue ocean, you can worry more about providing an amazing experience and less about how to “market” your way to success. 

There’s another way you can create demand for your services without fighting for clients with 10,000 other studios, and we’re calling it “The Motown Model”. 

Listen now to find out how you can harness the power of The Motown Model to grow your business in a blue ocean market!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What hurdles your potential clients have to overcome to get to where they need your service
  • How to adapt the “Motown Model” to get more clients for your studio
  • Why engineers tend to have expectations that are too high for their clients
  • Why most people need to ignore the big fish and work towards more realistic goals
  • How to find more leads for your business
  • What friction and momentum mean for your business
  • Why entrepreneurs need to enter blue ocean markets
  • How Chris Graham entered the blue ocean
  • How new businesses can create demand rather than stealing customers from other businesses

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“If you go to a super-duper fancy restaurant, you are entitled to be picky.” – Chris Graham

“You can hire out as much or as little of this as you want.” – Brian Hood

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