How To Grow Into A Better Niche By Embracing What Makes You Unique – With Andy J. Pizza

Do you struggle with niching down and finding what you’re “made” to do?

Maybe it’s just you being a stubborn engineer personality…

Some of the most popular businesses in the world almost failed but because they were willing to pivot and focus on a new ideal customer they’ve become massive successes.

Listen now to hear Chris Graham and Andy J. Pizza of Creative Pep Talk discuss finding what you’re born to do!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How strengths and weaknesses play into your business
  • Why your business should be something that makes you a better person
  • Why the advice to harvest rather than planting seeds is insane
  • What Roadrunner (the cartoon) can teach us about business
  • How some people manage to be serial entrepreneurs and what we can learn from them
  • Why trying to imitate our heroes typically doesn’t lead to success but shedding that imitative personality does
  • What disobeying Yoda can do to help you
  • Why breaking rules is frequently associated with success
  • How believing we’re “better than normal” can hurt our chances

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“You set your target and you say, ‘that’s the pool I’m gonna jump in’, and you cannonball into that pool.” – Andy J. Pizza

“Learning the rules is about figuring out how to serve the most people.” – Chris Graham

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