Why Mastermind Groups Are The #1 Best Way To Find (And Fix) Your Biggest Blindspots

Every single person has strengths and weaknesses. It’s what makes us human.

Weakness isn’t necessarily going to hurt your business or ruin your life.

Sometimes we choose to improve our weaknesses by actively focusing on self-improvement.

Other times, it may make more sense to simply avoid tasks that involve our weaknesses.

The silent killer, however, is our blindspots.

These are the areas of our life that need drastic improvement, but somehow we fail to notice.

The reason they’re so harmful is that we can’t do a damn thing about a problem that we don’t know exists.

This is why we think Mastermind Groups are one of the best ways to find (and fix) our biggest blindspots.

This episode is all about answering this question: How can you find your blindspots before they wreck your career?


In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why you need to avoid the pitfalls of taking advice that doesn’t apply to you
  • How “THIS is the only way to do it” hurts you
  • What moving to find a mentor can do to boost your life to new heights
  • Why it’s vital to participate in a mastermind group
  • Why mastermind groups need to be diverse
  • Why you need to have an abundance mindset in your mastermind group and in general

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“Go where you need to go… To grow.” – Chris Graham

“There is something that you obsess over that is not pushing you forward at all… And that’s the biggest blind spot that’s probably worth fixing in your life.” – Brian Hood

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