The One Thing That Will Guarantee Your Studio’s Failure

Podcast Episode 21: The One Thing That Will Guarantee Your Studio’s Failure

Whether you run a small home business or a large multi-million dollar business, you will run into roadblocks. Your ability to “figure it the f*ck out” will be a large reason behind whether or not your company is successful or fails miserably.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What it’s crucial to have the skills to just “figure it out.”
  • How to take self ownership and learn to problem solve.
  • How Chris and Brian had to figure out specific roadblocks in their career.
  • Why it’s important to distance yourself from people who drag you down.
  • Where Chris and Brian met.
  • What a mastermind group and how it can help you with your career.
  • If you have to, how to reach out to someone and ask them for advice.
  • The importance of books and how impactful they can be on your life.


“No plan survives contact with the enemy.” – Anonymous

“If you want advice, go to someone asking for money. If you want money, go to someone asking for advice.” – Brian Hood

“Making informed decisions quickly is much better than making assumed decisions slowly.” – Brian Hood

“Ultimately your success is going to be determined by your ability to problem solve, not by how much you’ve been taught.” – Chris Graham

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