The Key To Running A Profitable Online Mixing Studio In 2020 – The Blue Ocean Strategy

Can you feel the rising tide? The world of online mixing is becoming more and more saturated with engineers who all do the same thing.

Are you one of those engineers, drowning in the masses?

Listen now to find out how you can set yourself apart from everyone else so you can be in a blue ocean by yourself rather than the red ocean filled with sharks.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why you might have to follow some crazy ideas to have a “blue ocean” business
  • How differentiation could grow your income massively
  • What steps you can take to grow your online mixing business
  • Why making it easier for clients to submit files is a great idea
  • Why paid marketing is the future of online mixing
  • How you could earn $600 or more per mix
  • Why the first copy potential clients see shouldn’t be all about pricing
  • How you can overcome customer objections to buying
  • Why you should target emotion first, then figure everything else out

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“Make them feel something first, and then figure everything else out. Emotion first, before everything.” – Chris Graham

“I think it is truly the future of the way online mixing is going to work, if you are going to compete at a high level in that world, in the future.” – Brian Hood

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