What If You Were Starting Over In A New City WITHOUT Friends, Connections, or Gear?

In this episode, Chris and Brian live out a hypothetical scenario where they join the witness protection program, move to a new city and start their audio careers from scratch. Find out what they would do and how they would do it if they had to start all over again.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The first steps Brian and Chris would take after moving to a new city
  • Why it’s important to build a solid portfolio
  • How to play the game Bigger and Better and how it relates to building your portfolio
  • How to set up a risk reversal


“You’re going to live and die by the last product you put out.” – Chris Graham

“At the very core, if you cannot produce a quality portfolio for your business, you’re just another drop in the ocean.” – Brian Hood

“You will always have a higher conversion rate if you talk on the phone, face-to-face on Skype, or meet up in person.” – Brian Hood

You will be hired, fired, or not hired as result of your social media.’” – Chris Graham

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