How You Can Build And Maintain Relationships With Clients (100% Online)

#144: How You Can Build And Maintain Relationships With Clients (100% Online)

One of the biggest keys to a successful freelance career has always been building relationships.

The problem is that most audio engineers tend to be cave-dwelling troglodytes who go days without direct contact to sunlight (if that sentence made you mad, then we’re referring to you). 

This problem has only gotten worse now that social distancing is the new normal. How can we build relationships if we can’t be around clients and friends? 

The good news is that there are ways to build and maintain relationships with your ideal clients without leaving your audio cave. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why it’s vital to build and maintain relationships during the pandemic
  • How relationships let you charge more than you could otherwise
  • Why you should keep phone calls with clients short
  • How relationships can grow incredibly quickly with the right connection
  • Why podcasting is a great move to grow your business
  • How running a Facebook group can boost your audience
  • Why you shouldn’t use your stupid business voice

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“It’s normalizing certain behaviors that are going to open up new business opportunities.” – Chris Graham

“It is both a lead magnet and relationship builder.” – Brian Hood

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