How Free Work Fits Into A Healthy Audio Business

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen threads in forums and Facebook groups devolve into chaos over one topic: free work.

Some people say you should always do free work.

Others say you should never work without pay.

The reality is, free work has no absolutes to it. Sometimes it’s a benefit for your business, while at other times it’s a detriment.

The key is learning how to recognize when doing free work is good and when it isn’t.

Listen now to learn how free work could fit into your audio business.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why anyone who says free work is always good or always bad is wrong
  • Why you should do free work
  • How to do free work without getting taken advantage of
  • Why you need to set expectations for any free work you do
  • What five rules you need to follow when doing free work
  • How to choose which clients to give free work to
  • Why you should cut out anyone who tries to take advantage of free your work

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“You work with shit bands, you’re going to get shit results 100% of the time.” – Brian Hood

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