How We Use Checklists To Boost Our Income, Creativity, And Consistency

Checklists may seem dull and boring, but the reality is this:

Checklists help you to systemize tasks in your business which frees you up to focus on the things that actually matter. The things that actually push the needle in your business.

In this episode, Brian and Chris explain their thought process behind some of the checklists in their business and how you can start implementing them in yours today.

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“A checklist can help alleviate stress so you can major in your majors and minor in your minors.” – Chris Graham

“If you are good at putting together checklists, then instead of constantly focusing on putting out fires all day long, you can actually focus on the things that you do best.” – Brian Hood

“I am 100% routine and systems oriented. Deadlines and boundaries are the best things for a creative process.” – Seth Mosley

“If you always do minimum wage work then the most you could ever hope to get paid is minimum wage.” – Anonymous

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