How To Double Your Conversion Rates By Turning More Quotes Into Customers

If you’re trying to “win” a customer, there are a few ways to convey pricing to them.

You could go down the road butt-rock-Barry would and send a block of plain text in a boring, old fashioned email, which just includes the cost. Maybe you’ll get the sale, who knows?

Or… You could create a high-class proposal to absolutely wow your potential client and greatly increase your chances of closing the deal.

To make the proposal really work for you, there are six methods you can use to help along the way.

Listen now to find out how you can create high-class proposals and drive your leads to become clients without spending an arm and a leg.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why limiting your time with customers can create more demand for you
  • How you can close more sales by setting a deadline
  • Why giving can lead to receiving
  • How you can create a high-class proposal to convert more leads into clients
  • Why you should just be nice to people
  • How showing consistency can boost your close rate
  • Why starting small makes people more likely to accept big changes
  • How social proof dictates who gets customers… and who doesn’t
  • Why you need to collect photos when you ask for testimonials
  • How you can make a sale just by being a likable person

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“That sounds like an animal in a Dr. Seuss book.” – Chris Graham

“A non-decision is always a no.” – Brian Hood

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