Why Marketing is NOT The Solution For Most Struggling Studios (Replay)

You’ve hit a wall… You just aren’t getting enough clients… There’s only a small trickle of people coming through your door…

Marketing sounds like a great idea, right?

Think again!

Marketing a subpar product will result in a subpar response. Even if you’re an amazing engineer, chances are there’s something you can improve in your business so you can earn more money in an efficient manner, without jumping straight to marketing.

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In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How the Home Studio Business Hierarchy affects your business
  • Why you should focus on the sinking boat before fixing the motor
  • What toxic mindsets can do to affect your life
  • Why dogs don’t care about marketing, just good food
  • Why you can’t over-value integrity
  • How surrounding yourself with the right people is key for your mindset
  • Why differentiation is key to being successful in a niche
  • How you can make money with a small, 500 square foot studio
  • Why good systems can save time, but bad systems waste time
  • How checklists let you complete tasks quickly and efficiently

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“Systems aren’t about doing less work, they’re about doing better work.” – Chris Graham

“Your reputation is your career.” – Brian Hood

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