What Does The Future Hold For The Recording Industry?

Podcast Episode 34: What Does The Future Hold For The Recording Industry?

If you look back at how much the recording industry has changed in the past 20 years, few people would have ever predicted what would happen.

Software has all but replaced the need for much of the popular hardware from 20+ years ago. What little hardware that is required to get started keeps getting cheaper and cheaper.

Recording budgets have been shrinking, and many major studios have shut their doors.

While many people have struggled and failed to adapt, massive opportunities have been opened up for the average home recording studio.

In this episode, Brian and Chris do their best to predict where the industry is headed, and how you can prepare yourself for what the future holds.

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“Interaction of people constantly finding ways to one-up the next guy in the value that they provide to customers, inevitably makes music better .” – Chris Graham

“Technology is no longer going to be the limiting factor for producing music, it’s going to come down to who is the most creative person.” – Brian Hood

“What capitalism does, is it makes available to the poor that was was recently unavailable even to the rich.” – Andrew Carnegie

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