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I'm Brian Hood, the guy you just watched on Ulf's YouTube channel for like 20 minutes. 

Thanks for checking out The Six Figure Home Studio! Here are the links to some of the things we talked about:


Filepass is file sharing built for recording studios (and all of our weird needs).

It’s built from the ground up as a replacement for Dropbox, Google Drive, and email when sending demos, mixes, and masters to clients. 

The best part: You can protect all of your projects with a paywall. Your clients cannot download their files until they pay you what they owe.

The Profitable Producer Course

The Profitable Producer Course is our flagship business course. Inside you'll find more than 60 videos, a community of over 1000 studios, group coaching calls, and a number of other amazing resources to get your studio on track for long-term sustainable success. 

From Shit To Gold

A No-Bullshit, No-Secrets-Kept, Step-By-Step Guide to Mixing Heavy Music. Learn Everything You Need To Create A Great Mix From Start To Finish!

Free Workshop: How To Make A Living From Your Existing Audio Skills

In This 90-Minute Workshop, You'll Learn:

  • How To Generate More Leads For Your Studio
  • How To Turn Those Leads Into Paying Clients
  • How To Charge Premium Rates For Your Services
  • How To Transform From a Simple Freelancer to a Dedicated Entrepreneur and CEO.

The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast

Don’t let the “business stuff” hold you back from running a successful home recording studio. Very few of us went to business school, have any sort of formal business training, or have experience running businesses in the past. Throughout The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast, Brian Hood and Chris Graham will help you learn what actually matters in this confusing world of business.