Two Idiotic Things We Need To Stop Doing If We Want A Better Business (And Life)

This isn’t a bullshit clickbait episode title. We ALL do these two things, and they’re potentially wrecking our businesses, personal lives, and relationships.

This first step to recovery is understanding what these two things are. The second step is admitting that you do these things.

Only then can you start the long road to quitting these time-wasting, frustrating, utterly fruitless, black holes of productivity and mental health.

Listen now to find out what these two things are, how they affect your lives, and what you can do to stop.

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“Only a mastering engineer would do something that stupid for that long.” – Chris Graham

“I’m gonna keep using this $2,000 compressor because I spent $2,000 on it. That’s sunk-cost bias.” – Brian Hood

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