The Future of Gear and The Power Of Networking

Learn about where the music industry is headed, why going to conventions and conferences will boost your career, and why being a gearslut is going to be even less profitable in the future.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How attending meetups, conferences, and conventions will help you in a variety of ways
  • How technology has changed (and will continue to change) the music industry
  • Why we shouldn’t take anything for granted
  • What could happen to the industry in ten years, and what it means for gearsluts
  • What pitfalls can make testing gear at NAMM difficult
  • How manufacturers fund R&D for more affordable products
  • Why getting out of your cave and attending a conference is good for mental health
  • How finding other people who face the same challenges will help you
  • What a mastermind group can help you learn

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“Historically, if you had a studio, you had a ‘moat’ around you.” – Chris Graham

“If anyone spent any amount of time in either summer or winter NAMM in the drum section, it is actually hell.” – Brian Hood

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