The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Personal Finance – With Graham Cochrane

Do you run a successful business, but find yourself stressed out about finances?

Does it affect your creativity to the point that you aren’t making your projects the absolute best?

If your finances are a shambles, chances are your business isn’t very stable, and neither is your personal life. It’s time to make a change.

A big welcome back to Graham Cochrane of The Recording Revolution as he talks about potential solutions and fail-safes to make sure that you can survive difficult times in your business and come out the other end swinging!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why service-based businesses should have some scaleable income streams
  • How a retainer model can boost your business’ income
  • What opportunities overwhelmed consumers provide
  • How eliminating your fear can make you bolder, to take good opportunities and leave behind mediocre ones
  • Why poor personal finance is the downfall of many businesses
  • How trading up cars and paying car payments to yourself can buy you a new car in the long run
  • How growing your business too much can hurt your family, creativity, or life
  • How you can start to safely save money for retirement, as well as keep you – and your business – alive during spare months
  • Why you should discuss financial priorities with your family to see if you are overspending or can cut back

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“Whenever there’s overwhelm because of the internet, in any subject, there’s opportunity to make money because if you can simplify and focus, man you can make money.”

“There’s a ton of opportunities there, I think some people that are overly focused on the traditional business model might push back on that… And I think that would be a mistake.” – Chris Graham

“I think this is something that really needs to be taken seriously by every member of our community because, as entrepreneurs, our personal finance is directly tied to our studios’ finance.” – Brian Hood

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