The Business of Running A Home Studio Business (Part 2)

Podcast Episode 6: The Business of Running A Home Studio Business (Part 2)

So many home studio owners are extremely creative, talented, and great at what they do, but they have NO idea how to run a business.

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Multitasking Is Dumb!

Chris talks about how the more you multitask, the less successful you’ll be. Brian expands on that point and explains why you will be a failure if you try and multitask.

Chris explains how he was not only taught how to run a successful business in school, but he was taught the exact opposite.

Saying you’re a good multitasker just means that you’re good at doing a lot of things poorly.” – Brian Hood

Calendars, Alerts And Contracts… O My!

Chris and Brian remind us how important it is to be on time and how to use calendar apps to keep you organized.

Brian explains how and why he has never had a band sign a single contract.

I am in the audio business… I am not in the debt collection business.” – Brian Hood

I do not send a deliverable until I’ve been paid in full.” – Chris Graham

Sales Funnels

Brian explains exactly the 3 parts to a sales funnel and how to use it to leverage more paid work for your business.

The 3 parts are:

TOFU (top of funnel)

MOFU (middle of funnel)

BOFU (bottom of funnel)

Chris talks about some common mistakes that websites make when it comes to getting clients to follow a CTA (call to action)

How To Properly Reinvest Into Your Business

Chris explains why buying more gear will NOT get you more customers.

Brian expands on that thought and talks about why buying more gear is the most expensive way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Chris and Brian touch on the importance of investing in online courses that help you grow your business or improve your skills.


Taxes are the result of success, so don’t worry about them until you’ve spent a lot of time working on sales.” – Chris Graham

Brian explains how he’s handled taxes throughout his career and why it’s important to hire a CPA.

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