The Business of Running A Home Studio Business (Part 1)

In this episode, Brian and Chris talk about the steps you should be taking early on in your career, and the importance of separating your business life from your personal life.

Starting A Legitimate Business

Brian and Chris talk about the do’-s and don’t-s when first starting out your studio business. They also take us back and describe their first ever sale.

Under-Promising And Over-Delivering

Chris explains why the worst thing you can do in your business is to over-promise and underdeliver. Brian tells us a story of how going that extra mile for his client, helped out his career tremendously.

Your reputation is your business” – Brian Hood

Business Entities

Chris talks about why he would recommend starting your business out as a sole proprietor and not an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation). He also talks about how to develop credit with an LLC and how to use it. Brian explains some of the downsides of being a sole proprietor.

Separating Your Business From Your Personal Life

Chris talks about the importance, both physically and mentally, of having a life outside of your business.

You need to have an identity apart from what you do for money.” – Chris Graham

Brian and Chris explain why you shouldn’t be using a personal bank account for your business and why you should have a seperate business contact like Google Voice.

What Are Your Hours?

Chris talks about the downsides of having a business that’s open 24/7 and why you should have set hours for your studio.

Brian brings up the importance of having set hours and how it directly relates to having a specific routine.

When you put yourself in a situation where you are relying on motivation instead of routine, you will never get shit done!” – Brian Hood

Sales solve all.” – Chris Graham

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