Should You Quit Your Day Job To Start Recording Full Time?

Podcast Episode 20: Should You Quit Your Day Job To Start Recording Full Time?


Trying to run a recording studio AND maintain your day job? We get it…quitting your day job is not an easy decision to make. You could end up ruining your life by jumping ship at the wrong time or in the wrong scenario.

The goal for this week’s episode is for you to have a better idea of whether it’s time for you to finally quit that damn day job or not.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why you should never start a business to feel validated.
  • If this is actually applicable to you.
  • How where you live can affect your decision.
  • How to follow through with your business ideas and why that’s an important factor when you’re considering quitting your job.
  • Why having a big enough runway can set you up for success.
  • That having your significant other 100% onboard with your decision.
  • That if you have ‘nothing to lose’ then you should consider quitting your job.
  • How to use the fear of potential failure to your advantage.
  • Why golden handcuffs can hold you back from taking the leap to full time.
  • Why your deposits should, at the very minimum, cover your monthly payments.   
  • How to minimize the downsides of quitting your job.


“If you’re doing this full time then it’s important to have business knowledge because it’s tough; it takes hard-work and dedication.” – Brian Hood


Most people don’t regret the things they did as much as the things they didn’t do.” – Brian Hood


“Quitting your job and then starting a business that fails, isn’t necessarily a resume-killer, it might be a resume-maker.” – Chris Graham


“Everyone’s a reader but not everyone has found the right book.” – Anonymous


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