Raising Your Rates, Paying For Marketing/SEO/Soundbetter, When To Find Your Niche, How To Block Out Your Time For Maximum Efficiency, And Way More

If you have questions about running your business, you aren’t alone. Even experts don’t know everything and strive to improve their knowledge and skills by constantly investing in their education.

To answer some questions you might have, we’ve collected questions from the Group Coaching Calls asked within the Profitable Producer Course community and are presenting them here for you.

We say it all the time, but this podcast is an advice buffet. That applies to this episode more than ever!

Listen now and think about what applies to you so you can implement the things you should use, but don’t jump into doing anything that wouldn’t be worth it for your specific business.

In this episode, you’ll find the answers to

  • (4:24) When is it time to “niche down” and specialize? Can I offer both mixing AND mastering services and still make great money? 
  • (8:15) Can I niche to mixing but work with ALL genres?
  • (11:17) What do you think about spending $60/mo on Soundbetter.com? What about other marketing channels?
  • (14:52) How do you block out your time each day? Do you do certain tasks at certain times of day to maximize efficiency? 
  • (21:40) What’s the key to marketing to the RIGHT clients instead of just getting a lot of so so clients?
  • (24:11) Where did you learn about personal finances and investments? 
  • (29:45) How can I transition from hourly to project-based pricing and raise prices on smaller projects?
  • (33:52) How should I come up with my ideal customer avatar? Should I survey them? 
  • (37:48) How can I differentiate myself as a remote mixing engineer?
  • (40:38) How can I rebuild my reputation after charging too little? I damaged my reputation by not charging enough, and now everyone expects low rates from me. 
  • (42:35) How should you raise your prices? Slow and steady over time? Do you ever discount?
  • (44:12) SEO vs Paid Advertising, Instagram VS Website, and what to think about website traffic and marketing funnels. 
  • (49:27) Where should I be in my business before joining The Accountability Acceletaror Bootcamp?

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“It’s not about how many website visitors you get. It’s about how many of those people end up buying from you.” – Brian Hood

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