Hi, Hey, Hello!

I'm Brian Hood, the guy you just listened to for like an hour. 

Glad to see you showed up here!

Here are links to those things I mentioned in the podcast.

1. The 5 song mix pack <---- Click That

This is exactly what it sounds like. There are 5 songs with high-quality multitrack files that you are welcome to mix and master for practice.

If you're happy with how your mixes turned out, then you have my full permission to add them to your portfolio.

2. The Rate Sheet  <-----Click That

This is a PDF that shows you a variety of rates that you should be charging for different services. It gives ranges for beginners, intermediates, and experts.

I've also included The Five Rules of Doing Free Work, so read up on that before you do any sort of free work!

3. The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast 

There are a number of episodes on there, including one that details my story of getting started in my parent's basement with less than $5,000. 

While listening on the website is all fine and dandy, you'll be better off subscribing on your phone and listening whenever you're "on the go."

Happy Hustling!
-Brian Hood