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How To Double Your Income By “Aggressively” Following Up

Podcast Episode 83: How To Double Your Income By “Aggressively” Following Up

How often do you send a quote to an artist, only to be ghosted?

It’s super frustrating to be “dating” a potential client, putting time and effort into the relationship, writing a good proposal, and then never hearing back…

And chances are, it happens to you a lot.

But there’s a very simple way to prevent this and potentially double your yearly income


You need to master the art of following up in a thoughtful and sincere manner.

People will hire whoever is top of mind – and if you’re not top of mind, you’ve already lost.

To make sure you can do your best, take this advice on following up with leads and clients… They will appreciate it, and so will your wallet!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why you’re probably losing thousands of dollars by being afraid to follow up
  • How building long-term relationships by following up keeps you top of mind with your leads
  • Why you need to qualify your leads to avoid wasting time
  • How you can learn from Brian’s follow up sequence to get more paying customers
  • Why you should always ask who the band hired if they didn’t hire you
  • Why you shouldn’t take it personally when a band doesn’t hire you
  • How setting deadlines creates scarcity
  • What to do if you feel like following up is selfish
  • How to overcome the maturity issue of ignoring follow-ups


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How To Create A Customer Avatar That Will Skyrocket Your Marketing Efforts

Podcast Episode 82: How To Create A Customer Avatar That Will Skyrocket Your Marketing Efforts

Let’s say that you now have a great website, and you’re a good engineer who is praised by his clients…

But you’ve discovered another problem.

Even though you have a good flow of customers, the clients you really want are turning you down!

You’re probably thinking, “WHYYYYY?”

What it comes down to is your messaging doesn’t apply to the clients you’re trying to get.

If your portfolio is full of death metal bands, and you try to work with a contemporary Christian artist, they’re going to freak out when they hear your portfolio and never speak to you again.

This is why you need to have a good customer avatar for your business.

Every successful business out there has one, and you should, too!

Learn how to create a customer avatar for your studio by spending some time with The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast today!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why certain leads could balk when they see your messaging and portfolio
  • How niching down helps you properly target your customer avatar
  • What you can do to find the right customers to increase your dollars per hour
  • How spotting red flags in leads can help you define your customer avatar
  • Why you have to be honest with yourself in creating your customer avatar
  • Why every decision should be focused on winning over your customer avatar
  • Which three “_____ographics” you should use for your customer avatar
  • Why you should “feed” each of your avatars equally if you have more than one avatar
  • How avatars could change over time, influencing your messaging

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11 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic

Podcast Episode 81: 11 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic

Last week we talked about removing chokepoints from your website so it’s fully optimized for visitors…

You followed along and did your best to improve your site

All your friends and clients who see your site think it’s absolutely fantastic

But you have a different problem…

The issue is, you only get a handful of website visits every month, if that.

Now that you have a nice website, what do you do to get actual human beings who you don’t know to check out your site?

It’s not easy, but you can find out 11 ways to increase your website traffic with “free” or paid marketing today!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why your ideal source of website traffic takes a long time to build up
  • How a snowball rolling down a hill is a good thing for your website traffic
  • Why you need functional strength and a wide variety of experience
  • 11 ways to get leads to your website
  • Why “free” marketing isn’t really free
  • How to give Google what it wants
  • Why you should never burn bridges with your marketing efforts
  • How to “date” your potential customers
  • Why it’s a great time to be an entrepreneur


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How To Get More Customers Through Your Website

Podcast Episode 80: How To Get More Customers Through Your Website

So you spent hours and hours carefully crafting your website. Your friends and clients tell you it looks great.

The only problem is that no one is filling out the form on your website to get in touch with you.

What the hell is going on?

It could be a few things, but the most common are pretty simple to figure out… If you know what to look for.

Find out why and how you need to optimize your site to ensure you have a sustainable business that can last into the future!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why you need to fix bottleneck on your website
  • What momentum will do for your online success
  • How tracking your website stats can 10x your results
  • What you need to pay attention to on your website stats
  • Why you need to address problems before your income declines
  • How to understand the mind of a musician
  • What a slow site shows potential customers
  • What questions potential leads will need answers for
  • Why you need to target the right people
  • Why capturing contact info is one of the most important things

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Why Mastermind Groups Are The #1 Best Way To Find (And Fix) Your Biggest Blindspots

Podcast Episode 79: Why Mastermind Groups Are The #1 Best Way To Find (And Fix) Your Biggest Blindspots 

Every single person has strengths and weaknesses. It’s what makes us human.

Weakness isn’t necessarily going to hurt your business or ruin your life.

Sometimes we choose to improve our weaknesses by actively focusing on self-improvement.

Other times, it may make more sense to simply avoid tasks that involve our weaknesses.

The silent killer, however, is our blindspots.

These are the areas of our life that need drastic improvement, but somehow we fail to notice.

The reason they’re so harmful is that we can’t do a damn thing about a problem that we don’t know exists.

This is why we think Mastermind Groups are one of the best ways to find (and fix) our biggest blindspots.

This episode is all about answering this question: How can you find your blindspots before they wreck your career?


In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why you need to avoid the pitfalls of taking advice that doesn’t apply to you
  • How “THIS is the only way to do it” hurts you
  • What moving to find a mentor can do to boost your life to new heights
  • Why it’s vital to participate in a mastermind group
  • Why mastermind groups need to be diverse
  • Why you need to have an abundance mindset in your mastermind group and in general

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Motivation, Mindset, And Getting Out Of Your Own Damn Way: With Andy J Pizza of Creative Pep Talk

Podcast Episode 78: Motivation, Mindset, And Getting Out Of Your Own Damn Way: With Andy J Pizza of Creative Pep Talk

“I’m a failure. I should just give up. This industry is oversaturated. I could never compete with the other people in this city. I will never be good enough”

If you’ve ever had thoughts like this, then you may have a dangerous condition known as a “Fixed Mindset.”

This is where you believe your skills, abilities, and talents are capped.

“I can never get better than this at these things”.

If you allow a Fixed Mindset to take over, then your career may be over before you even started.

It’s extremely important for your business, your career, and your life, that you don’t wave a white flag before you even try!

Instead, there’s something called a Growth Mindset.

In this episode, Andy J. Pizza explains how to make the switch from a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What toxic creative mythology is and how it hurts your career
  • Fixed mindset vs. growth mindset
  • What the TV show Oak Island has to do with your career
  • Why you can’t let roadblocks discourage you
  • How a mindset can boost your life exponentially
  • Why making your goals SMART is key to your success
  • Why you need to live a life that your kids want to know about

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Winning The Sustainability Wars: Three Crucial Ingredients For A Sustainable, Long-Term Career

Podcast Episode 77: Winning The Sustainability Wars: Three Crucial Ingredients For A Sustainable, Long-Term Career

We’ve all seen musicians or athletes who seemed to have “all the right stuff”.

They had raw talent, industry connections, mentorship, and the “perfect” personality or body type… but they burned out or gave up before ever reaching their full potential.

We’ve also seen the musicians and athletes who, on the surface, seemed like nothing special.

They weren’t especially gifted in any way. They had no industry connections. You could pass them on the street without ever noticing them…

Despite all that, they went on to have wildly successful careers.

What separates those who “make it” from those who don’t?

What separates those who squander their potential from those who make it work despite their slim odds?

It’s all about sustainability.

Without sustainability, no amount of talent, skills, connections, or physical gifts will matter.

There’s a reason the term “10- year overnight success” exists.

Whether it takes you 1 year or 10 years to become successful in audio, one thing matters above all else: If you give up, burn out, or go broke before you have a chance to succeed, you’ll never make it.

You have to set yourself up for a sustainable career.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How walk-away power can make your life 100X better
  • What cutting expenses, both personal and business, will do for your life
  • Why you need an emergency fund so you can reject bad clients before the project begins
  • Why you might need to sacrifice in the short term to make gains in the long term
  • What Star Wars has to do with your creativity as an entrepreneur
  • Turning your weaknesses into your strengths with creative thinking
  • What extremism does to hurt your business and how you can avoid it
  • Why education (or lack thereof) can hurt your business if you take it to the extreme

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How To Raise Your Rates, Improve Your Work/Life Balance, And Increase Your Profit Margins

Podcast Episode 76: How To Raise Your Rates, Improve Your Work/Life Balance, And Increase Your Profit Margins

Have you been waiting for some magical moment to raise your rates?

Maybe you think you need a Grammy before you’ll be able to charge more, but the reality is…you may be ready right NOW.

Every day that you put this off is a day that you’re missing out on earning more, weeding out bad clients, and achieving a better work/life balance.

It can be scary, but if you follow the advice we share here, you may be pleasantly surprised.

In fact, it could be the best thing you’ve ever done for your business.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What three fears can prevent you from raising your rates, and why you need to overcome them
  • How to understand when it’s the right time to raise your rates
  • Why you should potentially raise your rates
  • How being cheap can hurt your business
  • What not raising rates can do to jeopardize your work/life balance
  • Why you should quote rates rather than publish set rates on your website
  • Why you want to get rejected for most of the quotes you send out
  • When it might not be time to raise your rates

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Why You’re Scaring Away Clients With An Inconsistent Story, And How You Can Clarify Your Brand By Learning To Say No

Podcast Episode 75: Why You’re Scaring Away Clients With An Inconsistent Story, And How You Can Clarify Your Brand By Learning To Say No

If you had cancer, who would you rather go to for treatment?

The Specialist: Someone who’s been working with the exact type of cancer you have for the past 30 years and has an amazing reputation…


The Generalist: Someone who can “treat any type of cancer, and detail your car, and fill cavities, and help you invest in the stock market.”

The answer is clear…you’re never going to put your life into the hands of The Generalist.

The problem is that your business probably has more in common with The Generalist to than The Specialist.

Do you offer mixing, mastering, editing, producing, songwriting, AND you can even help them get on Spotify playlists?

The issue is that no one is going to put their songs into the hands of a generalist like that.

This is not the way to build your business, and it’s likely the main reason people look at your website/Facebook/Instagram and simply leave… never to return.

This week, we tackle the issue of defining your studio’s “Brand Story”, and sticking to it (even when it means saying NO to money).

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why your story is so important to your business
  • How focusing on a specialty is a massive benefit to your image
  • What on earth (or Middle-Earth) you can learn from Lord of the Rings
  • How being a jack of all trades will hurt your career
  • Why being unique is just as important as being consistent with your story
  • How creating and releasing music is an intensely emotional experience

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Our 5 Favorite Ways To Prevent Stress And Anxiety

Podcast Episode 74: Our 5 Favorite Ways To Prevent Stress And Anxiety 

Be honest with yourself for a second…how stressed are you? Does stress affect your work, life, relationships, and/or business?

What about anxiety? Do you have a constant cloud of anxious emotion following you throughout your day?

If so, there are things you can start putting into place to reduce, eliminate, and prevent stress and anxiety in your life. In this episode, we talk about our 5 favorite ways to stop stress and anxiety before it starts.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why you shouldn’t work 15-hour days
  • How success can stress you out and make you miserable
  • Why planning an end time for your workday is vital
  • Why you must stick to your boundaries
  • What our diet can do to reduce or eliminate stress
  • Why you need to work on your mental health
  • What your car’s gas-gauge has to do with your mental health
  • Why you need to be able to walk away from some projects
  • What you can do to prevent working with nightmare clients
  • Why every single one of your projects should snowball into more work

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