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Learn how to run a profitable home studio, keep your schedule consistently full with paid work, and finally GTFO of your parents' basement.

downloaded by more than 10,000 home studio owners

Three Resources to Transition Your Home Studio to a Full Time Career

1. Start Your Studio on a Limited Budget

If you're new to the world of home recording, learn how to get started without the need for loans (so you can be profitable from day one).

2. Set Your Rates

This free guide gives you rate ranges for a number of services... including recording, mixing, mastering, reamping, drum editing, guitar editing, and more!

3. Create Your Personalized Roadmap To Success

The Simple Business Roadmap is a free course to help set the foundation for your studio's long-term success. No traditional business plan required.

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Downloaded By More Than 10,000 Home Studio Owners

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This is the first in an upcoming series of blog posts detailing how I turned less than $5000 into a six-figure home studio. 


I break down my total income for each month; going as far as showing you how that income is split between full production, mixing/mastering, or even just mastering exclusively. I’ll also show how much of my income comes from signed bands with label-backed budgets vs unsigned bands that are paying out of their own pockets.


Do you struggle to find high-quality artists to work with in your studio? Are you tired of recording local bands who don’t take things seriously? Do you need to land more clients consistently? In this article, we’ll discuss how to how to reverse engineer your journey to a full time home studio. 

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