Podcast Episode 53: The Six Figure Home Studio’s Guide To Gear (For Recovering Gearsluts)

Deviating from the norm, Chris and Brian do away with the Gearslut Alert and devote an entire episode to gear. They discuss the obvious interfaces and microphones, but also tools to make productivity while traveling easier, desks, and more.

Listen to this episode of the podcast to find out what tools they recommend for every studio owner, the answers might surprise you!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What imposter syndrome is, and why it will hurt you
  • The 80/20 principle when it comes to gear
  • Why you should only purchase gear that you will use almost every day
  • Why you should seek out gear that makes you work faster
  • How you can improve your morale and workday by using a standing desk
  • Why you should not follow Brian’s lead and buy a cheap chair on Amazon
  • What your mindset should be when considering new gear
  • Why you should go for the plugin version of your favorite gear
  • Why you should never go into debt to buy gear

How your favorite equipment could be holding you back

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“All the gear that we like is a force multiplier. It’s something that affects you either all day, or it makes you more effective all day. That’s gear worth investing in.” – Chris Graham

“The entire episode, we really didn’t mention specific gear very often. In most cases, the specifics don’t matter. The difference between an RE20 and an SM7B is based on your taste. We can’t be the ones to tell you which one to choose.” – Brian Hood

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Andrew Scheps – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Scheps

For The Recovering Gear Sluts:

UAD Apollo Twin – https://www.uaudio.com/audio-interfaces/apollo-twin-mkii.html

Slate VMS – https://www.slatedigital.com/virtual-microphone-system/

Kemper Profiler – https://www.kemper-amps.com/profiler/overview

Logitech G11 – https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Gaming-Keyboard-Black-Silver/dp/B000GP844S

Better Touch Tool – https://folivora.ai/

Helpscout – https://www.helpscout.net/

Cranesong Avocet – http://www.cranesong.com/avocet.html

Dragonfly DAC – https://www.audioquest.com/dacs/dragonfly/dragonfly-red

Sonarworks Reference – https://www.sonarworks.com/reference

Owens Corning 703 – https://www.amazon.com/Owens-Corning-703-Fiberglass-Boards/dp/B005V3L834

27” 5k iMac – https://www.apple.com/shop/buy-mac/imac-vesa/27-inch


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