Better Proposals: The Tool That Will Turn More Quotes Requests Into Customers

my Top 4 favorite Better Proposals features:

1. Instant notifications

You’ll get notified via email every time your proposal is opened, forwarded, printed, or signed – so you can follow up with the prospect right when it’ll have the most impact.

2. Instantly Take Deposit Payments

As soon as the proposal has been signed, your client can immediately pay their deposit. Forget about the Net 30 invoices. No more “4th notice” emails to send. There's no better time to ask for the payment than seconds after they've signed your proposal. Better Proposals integrates with Stripe, PayPal, and GoCardless.

3. Livechat With Your Clients As They Read Their Proposal

When your lead views the proposal, they'll have the option to chat with you in real time so you can answer questions or get them past any hesitations they may have. This will make it a much more comfortable and reassuring process, so they know that you are committed to make their project the best it can be.

4. Custom Branding

Add your studio's brand colors, fonts and logo to create a high-value experience. You can also give each proposal a custom domain to make it look like it’s part of your own website.

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This 1-hour tutorial will walk you through every single aspect of how I have my Better Proposals account set up – including settings, integrations, templates, how I price projects, and way  more. The only way to get this implementation guide is by singing up through my affiliate link. 

This exclusive template is a combination of my personal template + the wonderful design skills of the Better Proposals design team. It's the perfect starting point for you to set up your own proposal template instead of starting from a blank page. Just make a few changes you're well on your way to turning more quotes to customers. 

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