How To Make Your First $10k From Your Home Studio

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What's Inside This Video Training Course:

  • Part 1 - Setting the right foundation to get your first paid project - $49 Value 
  • Part 2 - Securing your first paid project - $49 Value
  • Part 3 - Staying on track to generate your first $1,000 in revenue - $99 Value
  • Part 4 - Scaling to your first $10,000 in revenue - $299 Value

If You Do ANY Sort Of Freelance Audio (Recording, Editing, Mixing, MasteringVoiceoverProductionPodcast ProductionComposition, Etc.), This Course Is For You.

Only $197 $97

  • Part 1 - Pre-Flight Checklist: Establish the right service offerings, genre, location, gear and portfolio for your studio before even thinking of getting your first paid project. 
  • Part 2 - Your First $1: The 4 Steps that turns your first potential client from ‘stranger’ into your first paid project without feeling ‘salesy’ 
  • Part 3 - Your First $1,000: The 3 Major sources of paid projects that sets your studio revenue on track to generating its first $1,000. 
  • Part 4 - Your First $10,000:  Set your studio up with the perfect branding, website, pricing strategy, lead acquisition, and business entity to scale to its first $10,000 
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